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Are you ready to discover new teaching strategies and methods that will allow your child to flourish and grow?

There are times when it become necessary to find new learning systems to better suit a child’s needs. You son or daughter is welcome to join us anytime during the year, and will be greeted warmly by our supportive staff and students.

You’ll be surprised to discover that there are many new and modern approaches to teaching, and these methods are already being implemented at the Centre Académique de l’Outaouais (CADO).

Think about all the grown men and women who have become leaders in their field, who were once curious children with unique needs. The experienced CADO staff can provide the necessary support to ensure a promising future for your youngsters.

Are you looking for a new approach to academics? 

Contact us! We’re eager to welcome your daughter or son to one of our classes. You child will be cared for, supervised and, above all, heard.

Our vision :

Tranquility, a positive effect found in the parents of our students

CADO is truly and fully present for each student: Our special formula management and our curriculum is based on the individual needs of each student so offer unique values for the development and well-being of your children. Our management team devotes his time to academic monitoring of each child. In fact, this customized formula to also relieve the needs of many parents who find greater peace of mind.

The Academic Center Ottawa (CADO) has a quality education emblem, which presents an entity and an exportable business franchise product, both provincially and throughout the international Francophonie.

It expands its mission of teaching to an Organizational Development of the Child, to offer a whole new approach to student learning. It is the continuation of education homemade allowing to continue with the cooperation of parents, the integral development of children. With a staff always present and available to support student success, CADO ensures that everyone can have the best education possible, or by a personalized development plan or assistance offered individually. In short, children are at the heart of our vision and that is why we always try to do everything possible so that they can develop their full potential while developing their critical thinking and an open mind that will become citizens enlightened society.

A word from the director

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Centre Académique de l’Outaouais website, where we can describe our school and services.

CADO is an elementary and secondary school that offers a full education in a unique academic environment. Every year, 160 children and teens are enrolled and provided with strong leadership, as well as a personalized approach to their studies. Above all, CADO is a big family that encourages achievement beyond what is expected. CADO is a place where everyone feels at home.

Our goal is to help each student develop their intellectual, physical and spiritual potential, and to impart fundamental values they can integrate into every facet of their lives. We ultimately hope to shape responsible citizens who will contribute positively to society.

Respectfully yours,

Danielle Grant

École primaire Outaouais

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage student progress and growth in a healthy and supervised environment that fosters excellence. Every member of our staff listens carefully, is attentive to each student’s particular needs, and respects their individuality. This type of supportive and peaceful atmosphere encourages learning and student development. We value independence, effort, responsibility, self esteem and respect.

The CADO team looks out for its students’ well being and encourages respectful relationships. We do not tolerate any physical or verbal violence, or any other kind of abuse. We offer afterschool sports programs and, as much as possible, use sport as an additional source of motivation.

École primaire Outaouais