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The Academic Solution

Educational Outings

CADO offers educational field trips for all elementary and high school students.

Every year, students have the opportunity to learn and grow through our fun and educational experiences.

Discover the World

Every year, we plan a number of exciting cultural trips, community events (blood donations, Relay for Life, etc.), and educational field trips. Both our students and our parents report that these events make up a real highlight of the year.

Students have the opportunity to visit new places and learn within a different settings. Our academic field trips are designed to help our students broaden their academic knowledge.

We prepare your child to explore new horizons.


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Enrichment Activities

Educational field trips provide students with a wonderful opportunity for social and cultural enrichment. Our activities let children sharpen their observational skills, discover other cultures, learn new languages, and broaden their knowledge of history and the world around them. We organize our activities to ensure that each child benefits to the fullest.

Visit our academic centre in Gatineau for more information on our educational field trips.

We make sure that every child enjoys our activities to the fullest.


Community Involvement

At CADO, we encourage students to become actively involved in their community. To help them do so, we organize rewarding events such as our Relay for Life for Youth, home visits for seniors and a blood drive.

Over the course of the school year, the Centre Académique de l'Outaouais plans several educational and cultural field trips where students have the opportunity to learn, discover and explore. 

Involvement in the community
Leaving classrooms to explore and learn

Beyond the Classroom

To help students expand their horizons, CADO organizes an annual  cultural trip during which students have the opportunity to discover another culture and explore its history, language, and more. We also host an international day where they can learn about different countries at a series of small booths.

During the holiday season, CADO collects food for an organization that puts together Christmas baskets for underprivileged families in Outaouais.

Cultural trip to New York, Central Park, May 2018


Through educational field trips, students have the opportunity to...

Expand their love of learning.
Discover other cultures.
Open themselves to the world.

We will give you all the information you need.