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Elementary School

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"Thank you CADO for creating a safe environment where our children are able to be themselves and thrive in a better world.”

 -  Léveillée family


At CADO, students are able to thrive in small groups and classes where they can benefit from a stimulating and family-like environment. Studying at a small school provides students with the opportunity to more easily , connect with their peers, teachers and school staff.

We encourage communication between all members of our school. This helps students to develop both their academic potential and people skills. Our teaching is adapted to each pupil, thus contributing to student success. Studying at CADO helps students achieve academic, social and personal success.

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We adapt our methods to each child

At CADO, your child will benefit from an education that caters to each of their specific needs. Our team offers a personalized approach to education and combines their diverse teaching methods to ensure a rich and well-rounded academic experience.

From elementary school onwards, we offer students a comprehensive educational program that allows them to flourish in different fields. We prioritize individualized attention to provide each student with the opportunity to fulfill their unique potential.

A personalized approach to education.

A personalized approach to education.

A Safe Learning Environment

Students at the Centre Académique De l'Outaouais elementary school follow the Quebec curriculum.

Our elementary school programs stand out by giving students the chance to learn in small groups and benefit from individualized attention. We offer a safe and supportive learning environment where teachers are able to get to know all of their students. At CADO, we also encourage our students to enrich their education by participating in cultural and sports activities.

Our programs ensure each child fulfills their unique and enormous potential.

Payment Methods

CADO is a not-for-profit organization

This means that, we do not receive any subsidies from the government.

Tuition fees are $750 per month.

payable by cheque over 12 months.

Cheques made out to CADO School must be post-dated

Beginning with August 1st and ending July 1st

Tax Credit

You will receive a tax credit at CADO