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The Academic Solution


We offer Spanish courses

"Teaching at CADO is simply wonderful for passionate teachers, because we are free to choose our own teaching methods. This allows us to work on at least one big project every year, as well as several small projects that motivate students and inspire them to be more successful!”

- Teacher at CADO


Why choose CADO?

At CADO, students can thrive in small classes where they benefit from a stimulating and family-like environment. Studying at a small school provides students with the opportunity to , more easily connect with their peers, teachers and school staff.

We encourage communication between all members of our school. This helps students to develop both their academic potential and people skills. Our teaching is adapted to each pupil, thereby contributing to student success. Studying at CADO helps students achieve their academic, social and personal goals.


To reach us, please fill out our contact form and a member of our CADO team will answer you shortly.

Comprehensive Educational Programs

Our school is renowned for creating a learning environment that is conducive to our students’ holistic development.

CADO offers comprehensive educational programs that focus on learning, cultural education, human connection and physical activity. With our personalized approach, and commitment to providing exceptional support and guidance, we guarantee that your child will thrive to reach their highest potential.

Our teachers' greatest priority is to help your child develop self-confidence, autonomy and social skills. To achieve this, we offer our educators the highest quality teaching materials and educational tools. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of extracurricular activities.

To ensure optimal learning conditions, our teachers strive to create a positive, stimulating and inclusive atmosphere. Within this environment, our goal is to give each student the personalized attention they need.

Our experienced, dynamic and education-oriented staff will ensure that your child benefits from an exceptional education they will never forget.

Give your child the benefits of experienced teachers and an exceptional education.


Methods of payment

CADO is a non-profit organization

Therefore, we do not receive any subsidies from the government.

Tuition fees are $750 per month.

Payable by cheque over 12 months.

Cheques made out to CADO School must be post-dated

Starting with August 1st and ending July 1st.